• There is a huge misconception among ppl about joining isi, let me help them by clarifying:

    Isi gives advertisement like all organisations in normal newspapers openly
    You can also find isi jobs openly at […]

  • Special Service Group (SSG) is made up of specialized units and groups trained and dedicated for special tasks.

    In this post, we’ll discuss few myths about them so that people who want to join SSG are more […]

  • One common misconception among people joining Army is that they think they can leave the Army when they want. Well they can’t, usually.

    Some people joining as short service regular comission (like doctors or […]

  • Inter Services Intelligence Agency, ISI, is one of the most powerful intelligency of Pakistan. It’s the largest and one of the most important intelligence setup among the five major intelligence setups of […]

  • Medical Battalions are units that come under the Army Medical Corps. This article will explain what they are, their duties, etc. to help people understand what a medical battalion is if they’re planning to join […]

  • FIA lady officer torturing a female at Islamabad (earlier seemed Karachi) airport while airport security and rangers are there too, and doing nothing.

    This video was shot by passengers at the airport where the […]

  • There are nearly 40 cadet colleges running in Pakistan. In this post, we’ll try to understand what cadet colleges are and demystify various myths and queries related to cadet colleges in Pakistan.
    What’s the […]

  • It’s the great day of 23rd march. All Pakistanis celebrate it as a reminder to Lahore resolution, which was passed on 23rd March, 1940.

    Lahore resolution was presented by Tiger of Bengal, A.K. Fazlul Huq […]

  • Pakistan just experienced an earthquake which was felt in and around:

    Tarbela Ghazi

    The earthquake didn’t seem too strong and hopefully not much damage […]

  • The Lahore blast facilitator has been apprehended and is under interrogation.

    His picture is as follows:

    Hopefully, he will give out vital information regarding the people and network behind this wave of […]

  • This page is dedicated to help you in getting better pistol shooting skills and ensuring proper safety techniques.

    Please note that we all are students throughout our lives and what’s shared here is […]

  • Please read wrong myths about SSG and clarify your doubts about SSG before applying to join special service group Pakistan.
    What does SSG stands for
    SSG stands for Special Services Group.
    How to Join SSG […]

  • Ok well they might try to justify that this is training and necessary etc. Well it’s not. This is un-officer or un-cadet like behaviour.

    There are many other ways to punish someone and condition someone for […]

  • Government of Pakistan has made registering NTN (national taxation number) extremely easy for all the citizens.

    We can now register for an NTN number just by registering on its official website in just few […]

  • A lot of people aren’t sure why they should file their tax returns. Well, most are not even aware what’s meant by tax filing, and what’s the difference between being a tax payer and a tax filer! So lets give a […]

  • General Raheel Shareef’s warning to India before he retired.

    General Raheel, ex- Chief of Pakistan Army, was a bold and dedicated soldier and an amazing General who gave tough time to the enemies and have done […]

  • In the recent English paper for matric by Allama Iqbal open university, there was an objectionalable vulgar question. Do you think that this was the right question to be asked? That too from a young […]

  • Eligibility criteria for joining Pakistan Army varies according to the course and corps one is joining. E.g. long course has different criteria than the ssrc (short service regular commission), and the soldiers […]

    • What did you do your BS in? Also, why don’t you ask your father to link you to his coursemates who are in service? Why don’t you go for CSS?

  • Pakistan Army pays its employees as per the scale they’re serving in. Pay as per Pakistan Army salary structure might be slightly different due to several allowances difference, but is generally the same.

    This […]

  • We’ll discuss the physical requirements for ISSB for military services of Pakistan and how to attain them.
    Physical Test Requirements for Pakistan Army, Navy & AirForce
    Physical test’s requirements for officers […]

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