This page is about the ranking structure of Pakistan army, listing Pakistan Army Ranks in lowest to highest order. To view the appointments go to appointment in Pakistan Army page.

Classically, the ranks were worn on the shoulders only by officers and jcos and on arms by NCOs, espeically in the khaki uniform. In fact during the early years of camouflage uniform for both SSG and regular Pakistan army, the ranks were worn on the shoulders. However this trend changed during the era of General Kiyani when the ranks were removed from shoulders to the chest in CCD (camouflage dress for combat and ops area). The khaki still has the same pattern for wearing ranks, i.e. Officers and JCO’s on shoulders while NCO’s on arm.

Why were they moved from shoulders to chest? Well there were many technical details to it. The ranks for soldiers and NCO’s were also moved to the chest from their arms.

Pak Army Ranks – Lowest to Highest

The lowest rank in Pakistan Army is Sepoy and the highest Army rank is Field Marshal.

The pay is variable, based on Pakistan Army ranks BPS scale. The pays listed per rank are average pay of that rank in Pakistani Rupees, in peace time and at a peace station and are just meant to give an idea. The pays vary considerably in hard area and operational are / war zone.

The perks listed per rank are just to give an idea and may vary depending upon station, situation, service, appointment, availability, etc.

BPS = Basic Pay Scale in Pakistan government institutes.

Pakistan Army ranks from lowest to highest are as follow:

Sepoy (Private)

BPS: 5

Insignia: none (having no insignia means the soldier is a sepoy)

NCO (non commissioned officer)

LANCE NAIK (Lance Corporal)

BPS: 6

Insignia: single stripe chevron


NAIK (Corporal)

BPS: 6 or 7

Insignia: double stripe chevron


HAWALDAR (Seargent)

BPS: 7 or 8

Insignia: tripple stripe chevron


JCO (junior commissioned officer)

NAIB SUBEDAR (Assistant warrant officer)

BPS: 13 or 14

Insignia: one pip with a stripe


SUBEDAR (Warrant officer)

BPS: 15

Insignia: two pips with a stripe


SUBEDAR MAJOR (Chief warrant officer)

BPS: 16

Insignia: one crescent & star with stripe


Subedar Major is the Highest Army rank a sepoy can achieve in Pak Army (provided that he don’t give test for comission during service or if he doesn’t get promoted to honorary lieutenant or captain).

Officer (commissioned officer)

Perks (collective perks for all officers ranks):

NCB (non-combatant bearer) (not non-commissioned batman, as some believe)
BOQ (bachelor officer quarter)
MOQ (married officer quarter)
Medical (self, wife, children and parents)


BPS: 17

Insignia: one pip

2nd lieutenant pakistan army insignia


BPS: 17

Insignia: two pips 

lieutenant pakistan army insignia


BPS: 17

Insignia: three pips

captain pakistan army insignia


BPS: 18

Insignia: one crescent & star

major pakistan army insignia


BPS: 18

Insignia: one pip and one crescent & star

lieut-colonel pakistan army insignia


BPS: 19

Insignia: two pips and one crescent & star

colonel pakistan army insignia

General Officers (Star officers)


BPS: 20

Insignia: three pips and one crescent & star 

brigadier pakistan army insignia


BPS: 21

Insignia: one crossed baton & sabre and one pip

major general pakistan army insignia


BPS: 22

Insignia: one crossed baton & sabre and one crescent & star

lieutenant general pakistan army insignia


BPS: Apex Scale

Insignia: one crossed baton & sabre, one pip and one crescent & star

general pakistan army insignia


BPS: Apex Scale

Insignia: two crossed batons with a star above both in a wreath of oak leaves separately.

Field Marshal is the highest Army rank.