Government of Pakistan has made registering NTN (national taxation number) extremely easy for all the citizens. This post will explain the steps required for fbr registration from fbr iris portal online.

We can now register for an NTN number just by registering on its official website in just few minutes. At the end of the few minutes process, our National ID card number becomes our NTN number too.

How to register National Taxation Number Online (fbr ntn registration)

Before we proceed, please remember that there are 2 steps in getting NTN number:

  1. Registering on official website of FBR (Federal Bank of Revenue)
  2. Submitting application form for NTN number

Both steps take just a few minutes and are extremely easy to follow. Everything is done online and you don’t need to visit any office.

Register on Official Website of FBR (fbr registration)

Registering on FBR website is necessary to request for NTN number registration online. Once we register on FBR website we can do all our taxation related tasks in future too just by logging in to the website.

To register, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to:

Step 2: Find the box on left side named: “Quick Links

Step 3: Click on “iris” (check the image below)

iris is the name of system that FBR uses to provide citizens the facility to interact with their online database

register fbr online ntn

This will open the iris portal, check this image:

online ntn registration pakistan

We will use the same process and page till this point to “login” too once we’ve completed the registration process, just for info.

Step 4: Click on “Registration for Unregistered Person” on this page (in red on the picture above)

This will open the registration form. Register using your original and authentic details as they’re on your ID card.

You will also be required to give your cell phone number and also email address. Both have to be valid and accessible as iris will send a different pin code to both of them and you’ll have to enter both of them in the registration form to complete the process.

Once the process is complete, you can now login using the iris portal login form by giving your ID card number as registration number and the password that was set during the registration.

Till here, our FBR iris registration is complete. However NTN registration process will begin once we login to iris. So follow the next steps to register NTN number online on iris by FBR.

Register NTN online on FBR iris for Military person & Civilians

The registration process for NTN online is variable based on your profession. Main process is same however, with slight difference for salaried, business owner, etc. So keep reading and you’ll understand.

In this post we will focus on the process for Military person especially.


  • One thing confused me too, so wanted to inform you before proceeding: Clicking the form name again and again won’t open it. We have to click the form and then click “Edit” on top left side of the table to open it to edit, or to send it
  • Also remember not to submit the form until you’ve added all details and verified them to be correct, otherwise it may result in rejection of application and we might have to repeat the process again, wasting your precious time!

Step 1: Once logged in to the iris, you will see a main panel there. Click on “Drafts” and it will show you a form in the main table.

Make sure that the form name is: 181 (Form of Registration filed voluntarily) (Income Tax)

Click on that form and click Edit on top left of the table to open that form for editing.

Step 2: Editing / Filling the form 181

The step of editing this form is very important and critical. So make sure that you complete it and save it while filling it to prevent any data loss.

Do NOT submit it until you’re sure that all info is added and is correct.

When we click on edit, it will open the form like this:

apply for ntn online

On this page, click on “Period” and Enter 2016 (or current year in it) and press search, it will show the year in the list below, select it.

register for ntn online 2

This will open the form, make sure that the data in it is accurate as per your ID card. Fill any empty fields if there are any.

Step 3: Now click on “Property” in the menu – even if you don’t own any property. (see the image below):

register for ntn online 7

Click on the “+” (plus) sign on the right side. This will open a popup.

Note that this is for your current living address, not the properties you own, so we’ve to submit this detail.

Clicking on the plus sign will popup the box to fill. Fill is like i’ve given example in this image:

register for ntn online 8

Fill the city too by selecting the city or cantt you’re living in. District will appear automatically.

Note that the capacity has to be benami / lessee / Tenant if you’re living in any government / army given property, even if it’s a BOQ, MOQ, Flat or a Bungalow, etc.

Select the “form” too depending on your type of accommodation.

Upon clicking OK the page should look something like this:

register for ntn online 2

Note: We need to “tick” the “Residence / Head Office” in this place now to make it valid otherwise it will give error.

Save the form (keep saving while you add info to avoid losing data. Don’t submit for now.

Step 4: Now click on “Link” in the menu (see following image):

register for ntn online 2

This is where we enter our Army / Navy / Airforce (military) or any non-military civil job details as our source of income.

Step 4: Fill Link person details

This will popup the input form for the details. Fill it by entering this: (for military):

  • Capacity: Employer
  • Name: Defence Division (click on search icon, type defence division, search and select it from the list that appears)
  • Share: 100 (don’t enter % sign in the box)
  • Start Date: (Your Date of Commission – without antedate seniority)

Submit the form and it should look like this now:

register for ntn online 2

Step 5: Add any business if you own any.

Verify your data and Submit

Once we’re done with these steps, it’s time to verify the info added to the form 181 and then submit.

This form will now go from “Drafts” to “Completed Tasks

Now we’ll have to wait for the response from the FBR, which comes within few minutes to few hours. The response will also come under “completed tasks” above the submitted form listing with title: 181 (Order to grant / refuse registration on application)

Click that form 181 response, and click view and click on

181 (Order to grant / refuse registration on application)

If it says Decision: Granted / Accepted then we’re good to go and that our application is accepted.

Now your ID card number is your NTN number too. 

Please let me know if you have any difficulty in FBR online NTN verification and registration process.