This page includes information about how to join Pakistan Army (sepoy and officer, both).

When applying for Pakistan Army, you can apply for induction as a recruit (for sepoy rank), long course (for 2nd lieutenant rank) or short service regular commission (captain / major rank directly). All these have different criteria and different job requirements, so it’s important to understand which one fits your qualification and abilities the best.

The official website of Pakistan Army for joining info is:

Please note that the sepoy ranks do not become commissioned officers in Pakistan Army. Sepoy and officer cadre are two different job lines in Pakistan Army and require separate induction and starting point for each of them.

Join Pakistan Army as a Sepoy

Minimum qualification: Matric (less for some areas).

Soldiers inductions are done in various corps or quotas. For example a person can join any infantry corps, medical corps, etc. Or he can also apply on sports quota if he is good at any sport.

Join Pakistan Army as Clerk

Clerks also come under the category of sepoy in Pakistan Army. However the qualifications required to join Pak Army as clerk are different and require more education in most cases. Please check the advertisement or opening you’re applying for to get exact details.

Join Pakistan Army as an Officer

You can join Pakistan Army as an officer via long course or short service regular commission. Please note, only selected degrees are accepted in SSRC, not all. Therefore before applying, make sure that your degree or exact qualification is eligible for induction in Pakistan Army.

For long course:

Minimum qualification: 12th grade (FA, FSc, etc)


Minimum qualification: Bachelors degree for Captain, Masters degree for Major.

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Join Pakistan Army as a Commando

Anyone who is a sepoy or officer in Pakistan Army, can join Pakistan SSG as a commando. Directly joining SSG commandos is not possible and a person has to first get selected in Army. Also, it’s not guaranteed that everyone who applies for SSG gets a permission to start the selection process.