With global coronavirus outbreak, Pakistan is also affected. There are many cases of corona virus infection being reported in Pakistan too.

As of today (13 march 2020), 21 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed by NIH, Pakistan. These 21 are out of 542 tested individuals, that’s around 3.88% positive results among tested individuals.


How many total corona virus cases in Pakistan?

There are many speculations as to how many total coronavirus cases are there in Pakistan. Because healthcare is not properly interlinked and most people avoid going to hospitals until it’s very late, we can’t be sure about exact number of corona cases in Pakistan currently.

Only reliable number we have for now is the NIH website dashboard, which claims that only 21 individuals are found positive for coronavirus, among 542 people whom they tested so far.

But the number can be higher from this and we might see a more clear picture after a few days, as the cases are reported.

Most affected city with coronavirus

As per current statistics, Karachi is the most affected city of Pakistan with coronavirus cases. There are 15 confirmed cases of coronavirus that are reported in Karachi.

Are there any unreported cases?

Many regions are claiming more than reported cases of corona. However nothing can be said for sure until the concerned authorities clarify them.