Pakistan SSG – Special Service Group of Pakistan Army, is a special forces equivalent of other countries. We’ll try to explain what they are, how Pakistan SSG is different from regular army, what is the difference between Pakistan SSG and other countries special forces and also the divisions and details inside SSG itself.

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Is Pakistan SSG part of regular Army?

No. Individuals from any armed force of Pakistan can apply for Special Service Group. Both soldiers and officers of Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Airforce can apply for Special Service Group and become part of it.

Is SSG a permanent posting?

No. Those who get selected in Pakistan SSG can remain in it until they perform well or until they request themselves to be returned to unit (which is not immediate though).

Young soldiers and officers join SSG and then they usually leave for further career after some years. However those who do see career opportunity and promotions in SSG do stay and get promoted to the higher ranks. If someone is not making up good merit to be promoted inside SSG, they can choose to return to their own unit (called RTU).

Sometimes officers can go back to their original corps or units for career progression and then come back to SSG.

Are all SSG units equally trained?

Initial training of all soldiers is same and all officers is same (officers and soldiers training are different though). However once they become part of SSG, then the regular, frogman and anti terrorist unit trainings become different.

How many units / battalions of SSG are there?

We would prefer not to share the exact number, but they are less than a dozen.

Out of these only one unit is anti terrorist unit. Commandoes of other SSG units are not trained in anti terrorist training (some are, but that’s when they try to apply for anti terrorist unit, and do not make it there).

Why is SSG under Pakistan Army if it’s a special force?

It’s like Navy Seals of US Navy are under Navy, but they have their own operations and service. Similarly Pakistan SSG is not part of regular Army, however they are under the official command of Pakistan Army.

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