Please read wrong myths about SSG and clarify your doubts about SSG before applying to join special service group Pakistan.

What does SSG stands for

SSG stands for Special Services Group.

How to Join SSG Commandos

Anyone from any armed forces of Pakistan (Pak Army, Pak Navy, Pak AirForce) can join SSG commandos. Foreigners from selected countries can also apply for SSG via proper channel.

To join SSG commandos, the soldiers (and officers) serving in the military forces need to apply through proper channel for the upcoming commando course.

Eligibility Criteria for SSG commandos

SSG commandos Pakistan’s requirements and eligibility criteria includes:

  • Active soldiers (and officers) of armed forces of Pakistan (and selected foreign countries)
  • Service less than 5 years
  • Passing physical test for screening

(Being updated)

Pakistan SSG Commandos


Pakistan Navy has started the SEALs program which includes SSG training along with sea based training leg too.

Initially SSG centre trained the SEALs for the SSG part and they went to Navy for the sea warfare leg. However now the complete training is being conducted by Pakistan Navy themselves.

How to apply for SSG commandos

You can apply by either sending the volunteer application forms via your unit, through proper channel. Or else you can apply directly at the Cheerat, SSG training centre, however this isn’t always a viable or successful option.

SSG Commando Requirements

The requirements of SSG commandos change sometimes depending upon the situation. Average requirements that are implemented almost all of the time are:

  • Military person only, anyone from Army, Navy or Airforce can apply for SSG
  • Passing the screening test for SSG

Civilians can not directly apply for SSG. Military people can get more information about ssg commando requirements from their units or from any SSG unit or SSG headquarters.

Pakistan SSG Commandos Monthly Salary

The pay of ssg commandos is slightly higher than the same rank and service counter parts in other arms. This is because they get extra allowance due to qualification of SSG course and others.

Soldiers vs Officers training in SSG

SSG training for officers is longer than that of soldiers and includes extra things which soldiers aren’t trained for in the initial training. SSG commando training of officers is of around 9 months, while the training of SSG commando soldiers is of around 6 months.

SSG training

We won’t be sharing about the SSG training as it’s classified and includes everything that’s needed to make someone a guerrilla fighter (yes it’s not gorilla).