A lot of people ask us if flat feet are acceptable in Pakistan Army or not (and in other armed forces like Navy and Airforce).

The answer is slightly complex and that’s why people get confused. In this post we’re going to try to explain the issue of flat foot in detail.

Are Flat feet acceptable in Pakistan Army, Navy and Airforce?

Answer is yes and also no. There are types of flat feet. One type is fit in medical for armed forces, while the other one is unfit.

Flexible flat foot is acceptable, while absolute flat foot is unfit during medical for Pakistan Army, Navy and airforce.

However there is more detail to this topic and things like calcaneal rotation, calcaneal pitch angle etc. are also viewed for fitness during the medical examination.

What is flexible flat foot?

Flexible flat foot is when your feet are flat looking when you’re standing, however they do get an arch when you stand on the toes.

flexible flat foot pakistan army navy airforce

Please note that the opinion of the medical officer examining you at the Army Selection & Recruitment Center might be different from your opinion, as he or she is an expert in this. However in certain cases where there is any doubt and confusion, the doctor at AS&RC might refer you to the surgeon or orthopaedics surgeon for expert opinion too, with or without x-ray.

X-Ray for Flat Feet

X-ray done for checking flat feet are called calcaneal pitch angle. This angle is done during medical fitness examination to confirm if the original shape of bones and arch inside is also flat or not. Sometimes the soft tissue of the foot makes it look like flat, but it’s not flat from inside.

Refer for Flat Foot

If your medical officer feels like, they can refer you to a general surgeon or an orthopaedics surgeon for flat feet and also for calcaneal rotation to get medical fitness.

Calcaneal rotation

Calcaneal rotation is when your foot is turned slightly to one side when seen from behind, instead of being straight. This can also be fit or unfit based on level of deformity and opinion of the medical officer examining you.

calcaneal rotation

In summary, do get yourself examined by a surgeon in CMH or a medical officer in AS&RC if you think you’re flat foot. Because in many cases you are not unfit and can get fit during the medical examination process of Pakistan Army, Navy and Airforce.

Please let me know if you have any query or ambiguity.