There are many objections that are made on the Pakistan Army. We’ll try to list them here and discuss.

No one is perfect, there is always a room for improvement. However illogical objections need to be answered.

Please list any positive feedback or criticism too that you want to be improved.

Army gets so many perks

Army perks include basic human right needs that are applicable all over the world. In fact the perks and pays in Pakistan Army are far less than the international standards.

Even the perks and pays are less than the civil government officers of Pakistan too.

Only Jawan (soldier) dies, not the officer, mostly

Pakistan Army is around 5lac in number as per official count imho. Out of this, there are nearly 5% officers.

This means for every 20 soldiers, there is 1 officer, or even less.

What does this mean? Well it means that on average more soldiers are going to get shahadat than the officers.

Even then, whenever there is something difficult or threatened, officer leads the jawans, it’s not the other way round. It’s not just about ethics, but also the protocol in Army that more difficult the thing is, more senior person has to get involved in it usually.

Media and People are so crazy about APS attack, not other schools attacks

Killing any innocent person isn’t justifiable.

God forbid, there haven’t been a mass murder of kids at any other school in Pakistan, ever. Thus comparing this event and its response with any other wouldn’t be justifiable.

Army runs on Tax money

No doubt it does, thank you for your money.

However, imagine you are 1000 brothers living in a house. Out of these, you assign 1 brother to protect the house and focus 100% on it, leaving all other jobs, work and even enjoyments. For this service you promise to give him some money per month so that he don’t have to worry about feeding himself and his family and routine expenses, so that he can focus more on protecting you.

And then your brother dies while protecting you, and you say: “so what, he was being paid for this by our money”.

I hope it answers your question.

A Pakistani Army soldier with the 20th Lancers Armored Regiment, stands atop the 8000 foot mountain during a patrol near his outpost Kalpani Base in Pakistan's Dir province on the Pakistan-Afghan border, Friday, Feb 17, 2012. Kalpani is on the front line in the 10-year war against militant Islamists, a war which partners Pakistan with the United States and NATO. The partnership has been an uneasy one and at times the United States and Pakistan seem more enemies than friends. (AP Photo/Anja Niedringhaus)

A Pakistani Army soldier with the 20th Lancers Armored Regiment, stands atop the 8000 foot mountain during a patrol near his outpost Kalpani Base in Pakistan’s Dir province on the Pakistan-Afghan border, Friday, Feb 17, 2012.

Army gets more pay than regular workers

Army gets pay as per national BPS scale.

This means that the pay is almost equal to all other government employees of same grade.

The pay of officer starts from 40,000+ per month. This is the pay for 24 hour “life threat” duty.

Divide it per hours in 30 days of a month, makes: 55 pkr (Pakistani Rupees) per hour.

Seriously? That’s high? Even an AC technician charges 1000 rs per hour of work usually.

A computer programmer earns 1000-3000 normally per hour.

And this 55rs is for a duty with “life threat”, not only to you but to your family too, while being away from your family too, giving up all entertainment!

If someone still believes that their profession gets less pay than Army, then they’re getting less pay than other government departments too. So instead of bringing down the pays of everyone around him, he should work and fight for his rights and make sure that his profession gets the rights they deserve too.

What about TA / DA ?

TA & DA stands for travel allowance and disturbance allowance.

It’s not a regular allowance, people get that after years for some task.

That too when they’re moving on an official duty. Again, they have to produce the bills of the services and expenses during that duty. So it’s not anything extra, they get paid for the amount which they spent on official duty.

Army takes “billions” in budget

Yeah right, lets do simple maths to see where does these billions go!

(Following estimates are highly “estimates” and not at all any official figures or statement, just wild estimates and guesses, just to clear the doubts) :

Assume that average military personnel including Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force, Pakistan Navy, Military Intelligence, ISI, etc. all comprise of almost 10,00,000 people (wild guess).

Now the minimum pay and maximum pay + allowances and medical, we can wildly average the pays to 30,000 pkr

So we have: 10,00,000 x 30,000 = 30,00,00,00,000 (30 Billion Pkr).

Well, that was for just one month, for an year, it’s: 30 x 12 = 360 billion Pkr!

Now comes the expense of equipment, ammunition, fuel, nuclear assets and research etc.

Last years budget was around 700 Billion, you can very well count now that how it is utilized.

Pay comes in their own Askari Bank

No, the pay comes in National Bank of Pakistan.

Officers can chose any other bank which they want their pays to come in.

Army people consider civilians lower than them

Our parents, brothers, sisters, kids, spouse, friends are all civilians.

Do you mean that we consider our father to be something low? You’re mistaken.

We’re proud to serve the nation and the civilians.

No one asked them to join Army and serve

No one asked your parents to give birth to you too, but still they have demands and expectations from your, right?

It’s not always who asked you to do something or not. Respect everyone. We should respect everyone too.

They live in AC environment

Sorry to disappoint you, but air conditioners are “NOT ALLOWED” in units and offices at all. Not even of commanding officer of the unit.

AC in CMH are for patients, every good hospital should have them.