This page lists the unfortunate incidents of military plane crashes in Pakistan, including Pakistan Airforce and Pakistan Army aviation planes and helicopters. The list is being updated with past data too gradually.

pakistan airforce plane crash


9 February 2020

Mushaak – Pakistan Army Aviation

Crash location: near Gujranwala

Pilot: Major Azhar

7 January 2020

PAF FT-7 – Pakistan Air Force

Crash location: near Mianwali, Pakistan.

Pilots: Squadron Leader Haris bin Khalid and Flying Officer Ibaadur Rehman.


19 October 2019

Mushaak – Pakistan Army Aviation

Crash location: Paddy field, Wazirabad, Gujranwala, Pakistan.

Both pilots survived.

30 July 2019

Beechcraft King Air plane of Pakistan Army Aviation.

Crash location: Bahria Town phase-7 (mohra kalu)

18 people lost their lives (5 military on board, 13 civilians on ground).


26 June 2018

PAF FT-7PG trainer aircraft, Pakistan Airforce.

Crash location: Peshawar Air Base (during landing).

Wing Commander Umar and Flying Officer Israr lost their lives.


13 October 2017

Mushaak – Pakistan Army Aviation

Crash location: North western tribal area of south waziristan, Pakistan.

Three military officers injured.

17 August 2017

F-7PG – Pakistan Airforce

Crash location: Chak 29-SB, near Sargodha, Pakistan.

Flight Lieutenant Bilal ejected from the plane successfully.

25 May 2017

PAF F-7PG – Pakistan Airforce

Crash location: near Mianwali, Pakistan.

Pilot, ejected successfully and survived.

2 May 2017

Pakistan Airforce [details missing – needs citation]

Crash location: Jhang’s Athara Hazari.

No casualties reported.


18 October 2016

PAF Mirage 921 – Pakistan Airforce

Crash location: Musharraf colony, Karachi, Pakistan

Wing Commander Fayyaz lost his life.

24 September 2016

F-7PG – Pakistan Airforce

Crash location: Jamrud Tehsir,  Khyber Agency, Pakistan.

Flight Lieutenant Omer Shahzad, sword of honour, lost his life.


November 2015

FT7-PG (double seat version of F-7PG) – Pakistan Airforce

Crash location: near Kundian, Mianwali, Pakistan

Flying Officer Maryam Mukhtar lost her life.

August 2015

Mi-17 Pakistan Army Aviation helicopter on medical evacuation mission to Gilgit, Pakistan.

Crash location: near Mansehra, Pakistan.


8 May 2015

Pakistan military helicopter

Crash location: remote northern valley near Gilgit, Pakistan

8 people lost their lives, including the Norwegian, Philippine & Indonesian envoys & the wives of Malaysia & Indonesian envoys. Also settings a school building ablaze.


8 April 2014

Mushak – Pakistan Army Aviation

Crash location:  near Gujranwala, Pakistan.

Both pilots lost their lives.