There are nearly 40 cadet colleges running in Pakistan. In this post, we’ll try to understand what cadet colleges are and demystify various myths and queries related to cadet colleges in Pakistan.

What’s the fees of Cadet Colleges?

Cadet colleges demand very high fees. Around 30,000 pkr per month. Which is very high considering the fact that they’re government run institutes, with average government schools level education.

Does joining Cadet College means Joining Pakistan Army?

No. Think of joining cadet colleges as joining Army Public Schools. The difference is that the students live in hostels provided by cadet college and follow a hostel routine set by the cadet college.

Cadet college years count as service in uniform?

No. Cadet college is not at all army service nor does the years spent in cadet college offer any pay, perks, privileges or respect of army or other military forces of Pakistan.

All the staff of Cadet college are serving army personnel?

No. Almost all the staff, teachers, hostel staff, ward masters etc. are civilians.

Principal of the cadet college is a retired Army officer, just like in Army public schools.

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All cadet college students easily join Army?

No. Failure rate of cadet college students applying for army is very high. There are almost 40 cadet colleges working in Pakistan currently, however people passing issb are in very low percentage from the cadet colleges.

What’s the Education standard of Cadet Colleges?

Education standard of Cadet colleges is average to other government schools.

Why is education standard of cadet colleges not up to the mark?

There are many reasons to that. Such as:

  • The staff is not usually well educated, e.g. the Principal is also just retired army officer, who’s usually not highly educated and not up to the standards of principals of all other government and private institutions.
  • Teachers are low paid, thus high quality teachers avoid joining them
  • No parental guidance, generally children living in hostels suffer poor educational results as their is no parental supervision.


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