Pakistan Rangers have arrested Dr Farooq Sattar in Karachi. The new is not mature yet and is to be confirmed that who arrested him and where is he taken.

As per the initial news and rumors, Farooq Sattar have been arrested by Rangers and taken to an unknown and undisclosed location.

As per MQM, Farooq Sattar was stopped by rangers probably and now there is no contact with him.


Pakistan Army and Rangers have been very actively operating in Karachi in last few days specially. Arrest of MQM leader Farooq Sattar in Karachi can also be due to the banned speech of Altaf Hussain 2 days ago which wasn’t published by TV channels as the material spoken in it was objectionable.

Law enforcement agencies were planning to give some surprise to the people of Pakistan and specially the people of Karachi these days and this seems to be one of the great surprises that may result in some very big changes in the dynamics of not only Karachi but also overall Pakistan. The change is probably intended to be positive, but can be exploited by MQM against Army.

Update 1

It’s being reported by media that Farooq Sattar was stopped by Rangers and investigated, however he was released by rangers after investigation.

Update 2

As per rangers, they stopped Farooq Sattar and then let him go after investigation. However MQM says that they can’t contact with Farooq Sattar till now.

As per Rangers, 2 people, other than farooq sattar, have been arrested.

MQM says that 5 mqm people are arrested by Rangers.