Brigadier is a senior rank of commissioned officers in Pakistan Army. To become a brigadier, an individual has to get commission in Pakistan army as an officer and then rise to the rank of brigadier through promotions.

How to get commission in Pakistan Army as an officer

pakistan army brigadier

An individual can get commission in Pakistan Army as an officer by applying for courses:

  • Long course of PMA via issb
  • Short service regular commission (SSRC)
  • DSSC

Or any other officer induction courses in Pakistan Army.

Can AFNS nurse become brigadier in Pakistan Army

Note that nurses in Pakistan Army Nursing Service (AFNS) can also reach the rank of brigadier, however they are subordinate to the Pakistan Commissioned Officers of Pakistan Army who start their service through officer courses.

Which officers can become a brigadier in Pakistan Army

All officer cadres can be promoted to the rank of brigadier. However the vacancies may vary. For example they are less in psychologists and education corps, while they are many in fighting arms and medical corps.

Promotion depends upon requirements of every arm and corps and also the competition within that arm of service.