During ISSB for Pakistan Army officers selection, topics are given to the candidate to either present as a 2 minutes lecturette or during the group discussion. The aim is not only to test the knowledge of the candidate but also his presentation, body language and how he handles the questions and discussion about those topics.

Some topics of ISSB group discussion and lecturette include:

  1. Foreign policy of Pakistan
  2. Failing value of Pakistan rupee in context to US dollar
  3. Population – merits and demerits
  4. Internal situation of Pakistan
  5. Internal situation of India <or any other country>
  6. Dowry system
  7. Role of NGO’s
  8. Capital punishment
  9. Mercy killing
  10. Influence of western culture
  11. ISIS
  12. Role of Pakistan in United Nations
  13. Gambling
  14. CPEC
  15. Child labor
  16. Defence budget
  17. Pakistan’s relation with <country name>
  18. Love marriage or arranged marriage
  19. Student unions
  20. Cyber crimes
  21. My best friend
  22. My father
  23. Co-education
  24. Democracy vs Sharia
  25. Siachin conflict
  26. Training in armed forces
  27. Justice delayed is justice denied
  28. Sex education
  29. Honor killings
  30. Kashmir conflict
  31. Mobile phones
  32. Social network
  33. Article 35A

These are just few example topics. Prepare these topics and also any other topics which are relevant at the time of your issb interview or group discussion. Please let us know if you have any query.