This post answers frequently asked questions regarding the medical examination for the selection in Pakistan Army, Navy or Airforce.

These details apply to all selections, i.e.:

  • ISSB for officers (long course, short service regular commission, DSSC, etc.)
  • AFNS
  • Soldiers selection medical examination

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Is Knee knocking unfit for Selection in Army / Navy / Airforce?

No. Knee knocking is not an absolute unfit for selection in military. There is a specific criteria and degree of knee knocking which is acceptable. Many people with regular knee knocking pass the medical fitness test.

Is DNS unfit for selection in Army?

No (and yes, read further). DNS (deviated nasal septum) is referred to ENT specialist. The candidate can agree to get it surgically corrected by the ENT surgeon and then he can continue the same process of application. No need to apply again next time.

Is Flat foot unfit for selection in Pakistan Army?

Yes. Flat foot is unfit for selection in Pakistan Army.

Is there any height relaxation in Pakistan Army Selection?

No. Minimum height criteria for every selection type and category is fixed. For example clerks get a waiver in height which is mentioned in the selection requirements. However no waiver can be given beyond the publicly announced selection requirements for that selection category.

Is large carrying angle of elbow joint unfit for selection in Army?

Yes. The carrying angle beyond a specific angle as per guidelines is unfit for selection in Army. However you should still apply and ask the medical officer at your nearest medical officer if your elbow’s carrying angle is beyond the allowed limit or not.

What is the weight requirement for selection in Army?

Weight is calculated based on BMI. Up to 25 BMI is acceptable. Overweight or obese people are unfit in Army. However the medical officer can give the candidate time to reduce the weight if he finds it to be in a certain allowed limit and then ask him to report back.

Is it true that we have to get naked during medical examination?

Yes. The requirements of the medical examination require the person to completely undress for the medical examination.

Who examines male and female candidates?

Privacy is ensured during the medical examination. Male candidates are examined by male medical officer and male nursing staff. Female candidates are examined by female medical officer and female nursing staff.

Having surgery in past unfit for selection in Army?

No. If you had any surgery in the past and now you are fine, with no loss of function, then you are fit for selection in the military.

Is Tattoo unfit for Pakistan Army?

Yes. Tattoos are unfit for Pakistan army.

Is deliberate self harm unfit for Pakistan army?

Yes. Any scars or cuts made by the person themselves, are unfit for army. This includes writing any letter or names or drawing on skin of forearm or anywhere in the body with a blade (or any object, resulting in permanent scar at the time of examination).

Please note, any scars due to any accident, or work related for example scars on the hands and arms of labours or during sports are not unfit. A person is fit if the scars are not due to any self inflicted harm.

Is varicose vein unfit for army?

Varicose vein is a condition in which the veins of the leg become engorged, especially when standing on toes.

Varicose vein is unfit for army if untreated. However a candidate can get them treated and then continue the medical process without being declared unfit.

If you have varicose veins issue then your examining medical officer will refer you to a general surgeon. The surgeon can declare you fit for Pakistan army after you get treated for them.

Is haemorrhoids or piles unfit for army?

Untreated piles or hemorrhoids is unfit for military. However if you get them treated before or during the Pakistan Army selection medical process, then you might get fitness.

Is squint unfit for selection in Pakistan Army?

Yes. Squint is considered unfit for selection in Pakistan Army.