There’s a lot of media hype going around in both countries, Pakistan & India, about the recent arrest of Indian agent in Pakistan. He was responsible for carrying out criminal activities in the country, like many other intelligence agents.

Everyday, many agents are caught, killed, on both sides of the border. Why was this specific arrest of Kulbhushan Yadav so special? Lets see.

What’s so special about Kulbhushan Yadav’s arrents in Pakistan?

I’ll try to give some points regarding why was the arrest of this agent so special, you can add or modify any point too!

1. He is serving military officer

Yadav isn’t another spy or agent sent to Pakistan. He is an actively serving officer of Indian Navy.

This makes it really special and different. Officer’s aren’t deployed in any region just for the sake of completing the man power. They almost always have a special purpose and a special team with them that they run and supervise.

Military works in the form of chain of command. Every officer commands junior officers and then lower ranks and so on.

So capturing an officer means that the whole net and under-commands are caught. Their activities are known to this officer, their plans and so on.

2. He was a Commander (Navy)

Commander’s rank of Navy is equivalent to Lt Colonel in Army in both Pakistan and Indian military.

This rank is capable of commanding a complete battalion. A complete unit can be run by this rank which can comprise of around 1000 individuals including soldiers and officers and has assets of their own.

So this means that this was a very powerful agent, running not just something of his own but commanding a complete network and chain. It’s hard to explain the possibilities of the extent this ranked person can damage other country. It can be truly massive.

3. He confessed everything, himself

He confessed his identity, rank, role and whatever he did in last 14 years in Pakistan himself. Now this is really special, and simultaneously alarming.

Special because it shows how weak Indian spy agents are, that such a senior ranked officer doesn’t have integrity even.

Alarming, because he might be a decoy.

4. He might be a decoy

Now he might just be a decoy too. By India maybe? To cover something else they’re doing underhand.

Or this could also be a decoy by any other country or power, trying to bring Pakistan and India face to face, to gain their benefits.

What’s your opinion? Do you agree to these points? Do you have suggestions or improvements? Let us know through comments!

You can watch the confession video of Kulbhushan Yadav, RAW agent here.