Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas Shaheed

Rashid Minhas shaheed was pilot officer. He was born on 17 February 1951 in Karachi. He spends early childhood in Lahore and later they shifted in Rawalpindi. He got early education from “St Mary’s Cambridge school Rawalpindi”. He was collecting the models of aircraft and jet due to his interest.

13 March 1971 he got commissioned in 51 st GD (P) course. His aimed that he would to participate in war during his service and want to martyr, at  least that time come very soon and he done fight lonely with lieutenant matiur rahman. When he was flying T-33 jet trainer in Karachi, raham want to go in India with Rashid and jet but Rashid failed his mission and after many physical efforts the jet was crashed near Thatta before 51km from India.

He is national hero of Pakistan and 1st youngest pilot of Pakistan air force that received Nishan.e.haider. In his memories the Pakistan air force base “Kamra” was renamed “PAF base Minhas” and often called “Minhas Kamra”.