One common misconception among people joining Army is that they think they can leave the Army when they want. Well they can’t, usually.

Some people joining as short service regular comission (like doctors or engineers or software engineers) think that they can leave Army after the completion of their bond too, which they can’t.

This article discusses:

  • Why are resigns not accepted in Pakistan Army
  • Why you can’t leave army even after your bond is complete
  • Minimum how many years you’re required to work before being allowed to leave
  • How people quit if they do

Read the article to know if we can resign normally, if not then what are the options that army soldiers and officers use to quit Pakistan Army usually.

Can we resign from Army?

Yes you can resign, but it is NOT accepted.

Why Isn’t resign accepted?

Army is running on shortage already. So it has to keep hold of as many soldiers and officers as possible to sustain the shortage.

Also the fund is short, so the money, resources and time spent on making one soldier or officer gets wasted if they resign.

Can we leave Army or not officially?

Overall, yes you can leave it. But not by resigning or even at the comletion of your bond when you join as SSRC too.

Can we leave after completion of our bond?

Bond is the contract individuals do when joining Army for the number of years they’re bound to serve after completion of training.

People joining with short service regular comission (e.g. doctors, engineers, teachers) join usually on 2, 5 or 7 years bond. However this bond is not entertained and you have to serve for the complete duration (25 years of service e.g.) before you’re allowed to leave the Army as a major. If you get promoted then the number of years extend too.

resign from army

Can’t we simply stop going to work?

No. You can’t simply stop going to your unit or work place. Army informs the police and the suspect is apprehended and criminal proceeding is done based on the charges put upon him or her.

Anyone leaving like this is put on AWL (absent without leave) list and ECL (exit control list) so he can’t leave the country and get apprehended if tries to (so that they don’t become bhigora).

How to Resign from Pakistan Army

Several ways to leave Pakistan Army, only through which a person can leave officially are:

  • Permanent down category due to medical issues which make him unable to work on office desk too
  • Lack of promotion, if they fail to get promoted to next rank, then they will be allowed to leave after the completion of the service years of that rank (Almost 25 years for major)
  • Caught in any criminal activity, he gets due punishment for that act too

Isn’t it wrong to not let anyone leave?

Every country or organization has their policies. Pakistan Army don’t practically allow soldiers and officers to leave when they resign. Individuals who join Army should know the details as its their duty to know the complete details before joining.

As Army isn’t a walk in club which anyone can join when they wish to and quit when they feel like.

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