6 September the Day of Defence

Defence Day (6 September) is celebrated as a national day in Pakistan. 6 September 1965 that show how Pakistan defended itself against the Indian army in war. In 1965 the Indo-Pak war was a termination of skirmishes that took place between April to September in 1965 between India and Pakistan. This war known as a “second Kashmir war” fought by Pakistan and India over the disputed region of Kashmir and the first war fought for Kashmir in 1947. The war started through “operation Gibraltar” and designed to infiltrate forces into “Jammu and Kashmir” to participate revolt against rule of India. It ended in a united nations mandated “ceasefire” and the subsequent issuance of the “Tashkent Declaration”.

Pakistan Army displays their latest missiles, army aviation helicopters, tanks, guns and armament being used by engineers, army service crops, army air defence, electrical and mechanical crops, signals and army medical corps lives on places. All these things every one watches very easily in functions by going to the specific places and the purpose is that to promote army and give tribute our national hero’s. on national channels and through national songs and videos to told the people how our forces people scarifies for the defense of the country and mold the thinking of youth toward responsibilities that are on his shoulders.

Army officers like Major Tufail, Major raja Aziz bhatti, Major Muhammad Akram, and Sawar Muhammad Hussain, Havildar lalak Jan, Muhammad Mahfouz, Captain Sawar and Major Shabir Sharif shaheed gave scarifies of their life for Pakistan and awarded with “Nishan.e.haider” for their competent and extraordinary bravery.

6 September is marked by the prime minister, president and member of the government paying respect to the armed forces.

On 6 September the change of guard ceremony takes place at “Mazar.e.Quaid” in Karachi and where the cadets of “Pakistan Air Force Academy” present Guard of honour and take the charge.