Brief Summary about SSG Force

Special service group playing a major role in special operation and it is one of the best Forces in the world due to their bravery and courage. This force was active in 23 March 1956. It is quite similar to the British army (SAS) and U.S army special force.

Major general Aboobaker Osman Mitha is known as father of that force. The SSG headquartered at terbela and headed by major general. There are ten battalions in this and its ranked top elite force in the world. The nick name of that force is “SSG commandos maroon berets army SS group black storks” ant the MOTTO is “mann janbazam (men of heart).

Current commander is major general Abid Rafique. SSG force mostly rotates in these areas like cherat, attock, terbela and hot spot (Pakistan-India border).

SSG have done many type of operations e.g. operation Gibraltar, Indo-Pakistan war of 1965, Indo-Pak war of 1971, Siachen war, Soviet war in Afghanistan, Indo-Pak war of 1999, Operation Silence, War in North-West Pakistan, United Nation Military mission and War in Afghanistan and also perform in many operation in Saudia Arabia for the protection of royal family.

SSG force use modern weapons in which included M4 Carbine, HK G3, Ak-47, Anti Tank Grenade Launchers, M16 Carbine, FN P90, RPA Heavy sniper Rifle Range Master etc and pistols of various models like Heckler, Koch and Glock.