Muhammad Mahmood Alam was fighter pilot

M.M.Alam was the best Pakistani fighter pilot and an F-86 sabre flying ace and one star general.

He was born on 6 July 1935 in Kolkata (British India) in very educated family. He joined PAF after secondary education in 1952 and got commissioned on 2 October 1953. He never married due to share financial responsibilities for younger sisters and brothers.

M.M.Alam squadron leader commodore of No 11 squadron and highly experienced pilot in 1965. He is consider a national hero of Pakistan specially his best performance in 1965 indo-Pak war, when he posted in Sargodha and during war he flying F-86 sabre fighter. He downed nine Indian fighters in this war and holds record that having down five Indian aircraft within a minute, four are in 30 second and this was would record. He received Nishan.e.jurat from Pakistani military decoration.

He retired in 1982 when he was Air commodore. He was died in 18 March 2013.

Major road in Lahore name is M.M.Alam road for giving the honor of him.