Captain Raja Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed

Captain Raja Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed was born on 1910 in singhori village Tehsil Gujar khan and he belongs to Rajput family. His service period was from 1929 to 1948 and he was captain in Pakistan army.

In 1944 he got commissioned and posted in 2/ 1st regiment Punjab. In Northern area is one of the battles of the Kashmir war, he voluntarily participate in this war. During Kashmir operation, the 2nd Battalion of company commander of Punjab regiment, the captain Sarwar launched attacks on enemy position that’s located in Uri sector and he strongly response the enemy attacks. His battalion has under heavy gredade, mortar fire and machine gun. He moved forward with six soldiers and remove enemies completely then he received a heavy shot fire from machine gun of enemy on his chest. He received martyrdom on 27 July 1948.

He received the highest military award “Nishan.e.haider” on his bravery. Sarwar Shaheed College was name after his martyrdom on his honor.