Captain Meraj Muhammad Safi Shaheed

Captain Meraj shaheed was belongs to “Takhat bai” Mardan in KPK. He did primary from F.G school Peshawar and did intermediate from cadet college razmak North Waziristan Agency and after that joined PMA from 2003 to 2005. He was very talented officer. He was in 112 PMA I/C Khalid company. He was awarded the Sword of honour on passing out on his brave and excellent qualities in training and he was “Academy senior under Officer” (ASUO). Basically he was from 12th Cavelary regiment but before martyrdom he was serving in FC elite Commando Group “Special Operation Group”.

In 2009 on 4th June, his unit sends him for rescue the police who got victim of IED blast along with his quick reaction force. When he was reached there he deployed his troops along road and analyzed all situations, he was leading his platoon from front. The militants were hiding beyond the hill and firing. The mission of captain Meraj was to remove the enemies from there. He was moved toward enemies where they were hided, militants attack on his and two fire hit his chest but Captain Meraj moved and hit two militants. These bullets were not spoiled his target and he continuously moved and clear the area from militants then one another bullet hit his chest and at least last and four bullet hit his shoulder and he embraced martyrdom.

On 4th June 2009 he embraced martyrdom in ambala buner and he was buried in Takhat bai on 5th June and the day was Friday. He received “Sitara.e.basalat” on his bravery.

May Allah increase his ranks in Jannah.