Havildar Lalak Jan Shaheed

Havildar lalak Jan shaheed was born on 1st April in 1967 at yasin in Ghizer District, this district exist in northern area of Pakistan and now it’s called Gilgit-baltistan. He joined Pakistan army after school and reached at Hawaldar rank.

He was very brave soldier. He was posted in 12 northern light infantry battalion. He faced heavy fatalities during Kargal war and revolted several Indians attacks from his post.

In may, when this news was spread that Indian army preparing a big plan about attack on Pakistan, and at that time lalak Jan was performing his duties at “Coy head quarter” but he want to fight at front area with enemies. Then pak army send him where their enemies feared and there was constant thread exist.

Last week of June in 1999, one night Indian army attacked on lalak post, then lalak Jan and his soldier’s answers his attack with full force and spoils the all enemies attacks.

Indian army attacks on his post on 7 July in 1999 with artillery fire, they attacks from three sides on his post, he continuously spoils attacks from enemies sides. One machine gun fire from enemies hit his chest but he still fight with enemies and during these fight many soldiers embraced martyrdom , after some hours new pak army soldiers reached his post and fight with enemies. Lalak Jan defended his post at the last breath of his life and embraced martyrdom.

He revolted seventeen Indians attacks in three days on his post.

He is eleventh shaheed that received “Nishan.e.haider”.

May Allah increase his rank in Jannah.