Sawar Muhammad Hussain Janjua Shaheed

Sawar Muhammad Hussain Janjua shaheed was born on 18 June 1949 in janjua family in Rawalpindi District Punjab. 3 September 1966, he joined Pakistan army as a driver; he was very young age at that time like 17age. He was in 20th Lancers Armored regiment. He engaged in every battle and performs his duties in the wars.

5 December 1971 when he was providing bullets, shells and bombs to pak army soldiers on front line and faced very hard condition with powerful bravery. 10 December 1971 when wars was still continue and he performing his duties, near village Harar Khurd he covered the enemy digging in very dangerous situation, when he feel some  hazardous  situation then he want to informed the second in command of his unit but at the same time he set its own plan to answer the Indian action and from some accurate fire he destroyed sixteen enemy tanks and during war the burst machine gun fire hit his chest and he embraced martyrdom on 10 December 1971, when he was 22 years.

Sawar Janjua was only person at very low rank that received the highest military award. His rank was “soldier” and the period of service was from 1966 to 1971.

He received “Nishan.e.haider” on his bravery.