Captain is the third commissioned officer rank in Pakistan Army (after 2nd lieutenant and lieutenant).

How to become a Captain in Pakistan Army?

There are various ways to become an officer with Captain in Pak Army. Such as:

  • Join Pakistan Army via long course, pass out as 2nd lieutenant and then lieutenant and then captain in fighting arm
  • Join Pakistan Army directly as a captain if you join as a doctor after doing mbbs from civil, or join as software engineer after doing BSCE (or equivalant) from civil setups, etc. This applies on many arms and departments, check for the openings for the year you’re applying in

Which BPS scale is Captain Rank in Pak Army?

Captain rank is equivalent to BPS-17 scale.

2nd lieutenant & lieutenant are also bps-17 scale ranks. However they are on the lower pay scale side while captain is on higher side (slight difference though, not much).

Pay of a captain in Pakistan Army

Pay of a captain is based on bps-17 scale pay structure. It is nearly 70,000 pkr in the start.

Also it may vary based on the corps / arm (or department) one is serving in. For example SSG captains receive almost 9,000 pkr extra. Similarly doctors receive nearly 4,000 pkr extra every month as NPA (non-practicing allowance).

What are the duties of a Captain in Pak Army?

Duties of a captain vary based on the corps / arm / department they are in too.

In fighting arms, they are platoon commanders under the major who is the company commander.

Captains usually also do the duties of adjudant (but mostly done by lieutenants), quarter master (again mostly done by lieutenants if they are available), project officer, etc. too.

In arms like Army medical crops, Engineers, etc. the captain mainly does the duties of their profession.

How many years an officer remains a Captain

This is variable based on the arm and department too.

E.g., mostly in fighting arms the duration of Captain rank is 5 years. For doctors of Army Medical Corps, the duration is 6 years, etc.

What is meant by Honorary Captain

This term usually applies to those people who joined army as soldier, however by the end of service they kept being promoted to the highest regular rank a soldier can achieve (subedar major) and then get promoted to an honorary rank of captain for few months at the end of their service. This is meant to give them honor for being an amazing soldier throughout, however they are practically not deployed or utilized as regular captains of Pakistan Army (hence the term honorary captains).

Honorary rank of Captain in SSG officers

SSG officers, upon passing out, get the rank of captain even if they are lieutenants at that time. This is just a honorary rank till they achieve the rank of captain themselves. However in army documents they are still lieutenants and all their pay and courses etc some based on their original rank. They just wear the rank of captain as an honor for passing out the commando course.