Aviation refers to the flying or operating of aircraft. Pakistan Army Aviation is the branch of Pakistan Army which deals with the army units which have squadrons of aircrafts, helicopters & drones.

These units are not equivalent to the AirForce units / squadrons and are meant for a different / minor role where directly under the Army command.

For example, for transport of individuals or equipment to and from the operational areas, mushaak airplanes or various helicopters are used by army. These are being operated by Pakistan Army officers who have been trained in the Pakistan Army Aviation Academy.

Difference between Army Aviation and Airforce

Although both deal with flying objects, both have different roles and scopes of duty. Airforce is a full fledged department of military which is responsible for all air related affairs of the country’s security and warfare. Army aviation however, deals with only minor part where rapid movement is needed by Pakistan Army troops including SSG or regular troops too.

Pakistan Army Aviation Pilots Uniform

Pakistan Army aviation office uniform is similar to Pakistan Army regular uniform. However their flying uniform is similar to other aviation uniform as in the image below.

Does Army Aviation has fighting capability

Yes, the rotary machines include cobra helicopters, which have combat ability & are actively used in internal security operations against terrorists too.

Army aviation is under Army or Airforce?

Army aviation comes under the army command. However before any air flight, they need clearance / permission from Airforce for the route as they might also be using it for their own movement.

What are the tasks of Pakistan Army Aviation

Primary tasks of the aviation units are to provide assistance to the army troops. Including things such as (but not limited to):

  1. Movement of troops by helicopter or 2 seater mushaak airplane
  2. Movement of VIP / Generals in air to take aerial view of the area
  3. Transport of rashan etc. to areas in case of acute emergency
  4. Dropping SSG troops
  5. Evacuation of patients who need urgent transfer, especially in ops area
  6. Cobra helicopters are also used in combat in internal security operations of zarb-e-azb
  7. Using choppers in case of natural disaster to evacuate people, e.g. in floods

What is the scope for Army Aviation pilots

The pilots of army aviation don’t get too far in military service due to limited seats of promotion from lieutenant colonel and beyond. However their scope in civil is good as they get pilot training and many flying hours experience which they can use to easily get a job in some private flying club or other small airplane companies or as a private helicopter pilot.