Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed

Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed was born in 1928 in Hong Kong to a Muslim Punjabi Rajput family. Before independence they moved to Pakistan and living in the village of Gujarat. The name of his father Abdullah bhatti and mother name was Bibi Amina. He had 2 sisters and four brothers. Aziz bhatti has six siblings in which four sons and 2 daughters.

In 1950 he commissioned to the Punjab regiment. He was very brilliant officer in his career. His academic record was very well and awarded the sword of honour from his 300 officer batch. The 1st prime minister of Pakistan liaqat Ali khan gave the honours of him.

On 6 September in 1965 he was posted in Burki area of Lahore sector as a company commander. He chose the hard area for fighting where constant firing from Indian artillery and tanks. He fights three days without rest and for defending outpost of Pakistan on the strategic BRB canal he resisted for five days. He was fights with enemies’ very bravery. He was on front area where constant Indians attacks from artillery batteries and he spoiled many Indians attacks. When he was watching the Indian movement then the Indian tank shell hit his chest and he embraced martyrdom on 11 September in 1965.

Before the day of martyrdom the commanding officer send the message for Aziz bhatti that he should take some rest because he was fighting from five days continuously, and commanding officer also said that another officer fights on his place but Aziz bhatti refuse this offer and said he want to fight at the last blood and at last breath of his life for the defence of my homeland.

In Gujarat District he was buried in village of “Ladian”.

He received the highest military award “Nishan.e.haider” on his great martyrdom and bravery.