Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed

Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed was born on 4 April 1938 in Dinga, Gujarat District British India. He was received highest military award on his bravery. He performed in several mission in the India-Pakistan war. He received martyrdom at the battle of Hilli in 1971.

In 1959 he joined PMA kakul and graduated in 1963. He was part of 4th Frontier Force Regiment in 1963 and got commissioned. When he was Captain he participated in indo-pak war in 1965 and also he serve in many operations against Indian army. When he was in Lahore and commands a small company and handles many critical operations against armed forces of Indian.

He was promoted from captain to Major rank in 1969 of the Pakistan Army. Major Akram fought in the battle of Hilli against India. He and his soldiers repulsed many attacks from Indian army. Indian army attacks with heavy air, armor attacks and artillery. Major Akram bravery, leadership and competent planning kept enemies at howl for five days and nights. At the end he received martyrdom on 1971.

He received the highest military award “Nishan.e.haider” with full honour and on his competent bravery. He was buried in the village of Boaldar, District Dinajpur. He is called the “Hero of Hilli”. There is monument, his memorial in Jhelum city. The time period of his service was from 1956 to 1971.

May Allah increase his rank in Jannah.