There is a huge misconception among ppl about joining isi, let me help them by clarifying:

  1. Isi gives advertisement like all organisations in normal newspapers openly
  2. You can also find isi jobs openly at ministry of defence website
  3. Joining army for isi is the worst thing to do, ppl who are not visualising good career in main military career are given option to go to isi “mostly”, exceptions do happen though
  4. Army ppl can “not” directly go to isi or “volunteer” for isi
  5. If anyone hires you “personally” for isi, without you getting proper job on newspaper or going through proper procedure, then you are just a personal puppet on payroll of tht person, not an isi employee, ladies are especially trapped / used for this purpose by some ppl so plz be careful
  6. If you are in isi, you are a regular govt employee, make sure that you get all perks and privileges of that, if you’re not getting them and are “secret agent”, then my friend you are being fooled
  7. Secret agents do exist, but they know they have perks and rights and can use them but choose / are instructed not to use them “officially”, not by a single person
  8. Pori isi beggar ban k kachy pr bori daal kr ne soti, they do normal work as all organisations do and have a lot of office and desk work too

isi conception about joining

Please let me know if you have any queries or updates related to inter service intelligence of Pakistan.