Pakistan Army is part of United Nations PeaceKeeping mission and thus deputes its officers and soldiers into UN usually for 1 year.This post is meant to explain the role and what to expect from the UN mission for Pak Army.

Which country do Pak Army personnel go on UN mission

UN peacekeeping mission are currently active in 14 countries:

  1. MINUJUSTH, Haiti
  2. MINURSO, Western Sahara
  3. MINUSCA, Central African Republic
  4. MINUSMA, Mali
  5. MONUSCO, D.R. of the Congo
  6. UNAMID, Darfur
  7. UNDOF, Golan
  8. UNFICYP, Cyprus
  9. UNIFIL, Lebanon
  10. UNISFA, Abyei
  11. UNMIK, Kosovo
  12. UNMISS, South Sudan
  13. UNMOGIP, India and Pakistan
  14. UNTSO, Middle East

Screenshot of the UN peace keeping mission website, listing them:

UN peacekeeping missions list

However, Pakistan is mainly sent in Africa for peacekeeping operations.

Pakistan Army UN mission Pay Package

Pay for Pakistan Army personnel at UN peacekeeping mission has been increased couple of years ago. For soldiers it’s (per month) 1000$+ (1,20,000 pkr) and for officers its 3000$ (3,60,000) and above as per rank.

Although the pay is normal for western armies, it’s quite high for Pakistan armies regular pay, and that’s why almost every individual looks forward to being selected for UN mission. Probably this is the reason for Pakistan army having the largest percentage of troops in UN peacekeeping missions.

The basic pay portion of regular pay is also given to the individual while he is on UN mission.

Advance salary of almost 750$ is given to the individual before leaving for the peacekeeping mission.

Pay arrives in Askari Bank, Sadar Rwp branch in USD account only. This foreign currency account is opened for every individual prior to move.

Leave policy at UN peacekeeping mission

United Nations peacekeeping mission has a leave policy of 2 months per year. Which an individual can avail based on their commanding officers discretion, at once or in fragments.

However, only 1 return ticket is given free for the individual. If he plans to divide his 2 months leave into fragments, he will have to pay for the flight charges himself.

Other than the main 2 months leave, individual can have smaller leaves less than 15 days, on commanding officers discretion, to visit other countries, do Umra, emergencies, etc.

Are UN peacekeeping missions effective?

It’s a controversial topic. If we ask Pakistan army people, if they run successful UN missions in Africa, they will definitely approve their efficacy, even when in many missions they work in coordination and partnership with other countries armies (including Indian Army).

However, if we ask them that is UN mission successful in Kashmir? Almost everyone in Pakistan will say NO, just like all the countries say NO where Pakistan, India and other countries send their troops on UN peacekeeping missions.

Why do Pakistan work in collaboration with Indian Army at UN mission?

UN peacekeeping missions usually mean that various countries armies have to work in collaboration and coordination with many other countries armies. This means that at many missions, Pakistan Army and Indian Army works together at many missions and locations to achieve a common goal.

This is not a surprise, because when we see the non-military, civil setup, we see that Pakistanis and Indians do work quite well and together abroad, in UK, Canada, USA, etc.

Even many retired army officers (including generals) of both sides are running successful business together as a partner.

One recent example is a combine book by intelligence chiefs of both countries, Pakistan and India.

So in conclusion, both armies are quite flexible, as their civil citizens, and can work in collaboration where required. Which is not a bad thing, and in fact is a demonstration of their professionalism.

Rank promotions at UN mission

An individual cannot claim a rank promotion while attached with UN peacekeeping mission. This means if your rank promotion from captain to major is due, you won’t be having the change of rank until you’re back to Pakistan from the UN mission. This will not affect the seniority for the officers in most cases, however needs to be clarified for individual cases.

If you have any query or information about UN missions please let us know!