In the recent English paper for matric by Allama Iqbal open university, there was an objectionalable vulgar question. Do you think that this was the right question to be asked? That too from a young teenager.

In the question in spring semester 2016 exam for functional english of matric students, the students were asked to describe their elder sister, including her age, height, physique, looks, attitude, etc.

Couldn’t this be asked about younger person too? Or should this be asked at all in a matric english paper? Why not about any imaginary character the person admires?

Some people question that if we simply replace “sister” with “brother”, will people still object? If not then isn’t it gender biased to complain against this question and not when the same is asked about a brother.

vulgar question about sister in allama iqbal open university matric english exam

Allama Iqbal open university has started inquiry about this incidence already.

What’s your opinion about this? Let us know!