Pakistan Army pays its employees as per the scale they’re serving in. Pay as per Pakistan Army salary structure might be slightly different due to several allowances difference, but is generally the same.

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Also note, that the pay tends to increase based on the years of service too, not just the rank. So it’s hard to pin point and exactly define the salary of each rank exactly, as the part of years of service and various courses and services being done by that person add up to the pay too.

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Here we will list and discuss pays of each rank (from sepoy to general) in detail under its own heading.

Pakistan Army Soldiers Salary

BPS Scale: 5

Sepoy is the junior most rank in Pakistan Army.

Pakistan Army Lance Naik (lance corporal) Salary

BPS Scale: 6

Pakistan Army Naik (corporal) Salary

BPS Scale: 6-7

Pakistan Army Havaldar (Sergeant) Salary

BPS Scale: 7-8

Pakistan Army CQ (Company Quartermaster Havaldar) salary:

BPS Scale: 9-11

Pakistan Army CHM (company Havaldar Major) Salary:

BPS Scale: 9-11

Pakistan Army BQ (Battalion Quartermaster) Havaldar Salary:

BPS Scale: 9-11

Pakistan Army BHM (Battalion Havaldar Major) Salary:

BPS Scale: 9-11

Pakistan Army Naib Subedar Salary

BPS Scale: 13-14

Pakistan Army Subedar Salary

BPS Scale: 15

Pakistan Army Subedar Major Salary

BPS Scale: 16

Pakistan Army 2nd Lieutenant Salary

BPS Scale: 17

Pakistan Army Lieutenant Salary

BPS Scale: 17

The pay of a lieutenant in Pakistan Army goes around 40,000 pkr to almost 50,000 pkr.

Pakistan Army Captain Salary

BPS Scale: 17

The salary of an army captain, including all allowances goes between 45,000 pkr to 75,000 pkr.

45,000 pkr is for the newly promoted captains who’re single, however nearly 75,000 is for the ones who’re senior and near to be major and are also married, getting disturbance and rent allowance.

Other than this, the officers also get IS (internal security) allowance and SMA when they’re posted to operational area. That’s nearly 20,000 pkr combined, making the pay 20,000 more than the one they get normally.

Pakistan Army Major Salary

BPS Scale: 18

Salary of a major in Pak Army is between 65,000 pkr to 95,000 pkr.

Pakistan Army Lieutenant Colonel Salary

BPS Scale: 18

Pakistan Army Colonel Salary

BPS Scale: 19

Pakistan Army Brigadier Salary

BPS Scale: 20

Pakistan Army Major General Salary

BPS Scale: 21

Pakistan Army Lieutenant General Salary

BPS Scale: 22

Pakistan Army General Salary

BPS Scale: Apex scale

Pakistan Army Field Marshal Salary

BPS Scale: Apex scale

Allowances in Pakistan Army

There are various allowances for various setups and postings in Pakistan Army. Such as.

SSG allowance

Pak Army SSG salary is higher than the regular army.

E.g. officers in SSG receive almost 10,000 pkr more than regular army officers.

Doctors Non-Practicing Allowance

Doctors in Pakistan Army receive almost 4000 pkr as non-practicing allowance (NPA), as they’re not allowed to do private practice.

Private practice is allowed to only selected specialists, at specific CMH only.

Internal Security Allowance

Internal Security allowance (IS allowance) is applicable when Army has to do the duties which are not originally their tasks.

E.g. if police or civil service fails in some region of Pakistan and Army is called to help police or keep law and order in that area, then those army officers and soldiers receive an internal security allowance.

Another example is the event when civil doctors stopped working in civil hospital in a city of Pakistan. Army doctors were assigned to work in that hospital in place of the civil doctors. As this wasn’t their original job and work load to carry, they get an allowance for that.

Allowance for Army officers is almost 600 pkr per day (Is double in initial 20 days, i.e. 1200 pkr).