There is quite confusion among general public as to the exact date of independence of Pakistan. In this post, we’ll try to discuss that and see which one is the correct date and why. Knowing the correct info will help us understand the history better and the vision and reasons of various events and change of dates in the past.

Postage stamp mentioning 15th August as Independence Day

In 1948, the postage stamp was released which mentioned 15th august 1947 as the date of independence of Pakistan.

This commemorative postage stamp clearly shows that the date of independence was considered to be 15th, instead of 14th, at least initially.


Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s First Address to the nation after independence

Jinnah in his first broadcast to the nation stated:

August 15 is the birthday of the independent and sovereign state of Pakistan. It marks the fulfilment of the destiny of the Muslim nation which made great sacrifices in the past few years to have its homeland.

You can listen to this speech here:

Wording of Indian Independence Act, 1947

The Indian Independence act states:

As from the fifteenth day of August, nineteen hundred and forty-seven, two independent Dominions shall be set up in India, to be known respectively as India and Pakistan.

(Screenshot from the document itself:)


The date was later changed to 14th.

We’re open to discussion on the reasons or errors in any info provided here.

Please share any possible logics of shifting from 15th to 14th august 1947.