Martred Major Abid Majeed

When in Pakistan feel insecurity from terrorist side at the same time Pakistan army play an important role to remove terrorist from Pakistan. Major Abid majeed martyrdom gives a proof of this. At 18 May 2009 Major Abid Majeed’s brother Major Khalid was entrusted the assignment of chronic the area from Shalpalam to Jura whereas Major Abid Majeed’s company was answerable for securing the area from Jura to Naziabad. Major Khalid’s company effectively secured the area followed by Major Abid Majeed’s and therefore Major Abid Majeed’s company was ordered to move forward. During these mission thirteen vehicles of the company moved to safety however the last vehicle came under heavy and targeted of firing near a mullah bend by the militants. The driver of the vehicle embraced martyrdom at the spot and more movement should not possible because road was blocked.

When militants attack on vehicles the situations was very critical the forward troops tried to move back for rescue the active soldiers but the accurate firing from militants sides the movement was not possible that time. Major Abid decided to move back he took two soldiers and give order to engage the militants. They move from rain of bullets and reached injured soldiers and send them to safely place for first aid. Major Abid gives water of injured soldiers and he was try to stop the bleeding of injured and at the same time one fir hit on his shoulder but major Abid is engaging to save the injured then another fir hit his ribs but still major Abid want to complete the task and he dragged the soldiers to a safe place, during these process he was hit again by three bullets and then he fell down. Major Abid before embracing martyrdom he took wireless and talk with brother “Major Khalid” and Major Khalid was 100 meters away.

“Brother I have to pay so much too so and so, do not forget it, take care of the mother and under no circumstances leave the job of eliminating the miscreants incomplete. I wish I could march on to mingora and see it clear of the militants”.

Before the martyrdom major Abid was saved the lives of two injured soldiers. On the martyrdom of major the sepoy Tariq and Nowsharwan (injured soldiers) was cannot control their tears and saying “why Major Sahib why not us”.

May Allah increase his rank in heaven!

Long live Pakistan Army! Long live Pakistan!