Captain Dr fraz Malik shaheedCaptain Dr fraz Malik shaheed, he was born on 17th September 1984 and belongs to Sargodha city. He had two brother, elder brother farrukh Malik and then Dr fraz Malik. His father also doctor now he has been retired.

Dr fraz did MBBS from institute of medical science Lahore in 2009 and he did also house job from service hospital Lahore. After completion of house job he was selected as a commission officer in Pakistan army in 66 battalion medical core in 2011.

After the completion of training he was sent on operation al-mezan in the area of orakkazai agency and where the newly graduated officers embraced martyrdom on the first day of his registration. He martyred on 1 march 2012. He received Tamgha.e.basalat.

Sargodhian people are proud of his martyrdom and pay Salute to his family scarify.

May Allah increase his ranks in heaven.