Flyinf officer minhaj.ul.hassan shaheed Flying officer Minhaj.ul.hassan shaheed

Flying officer Minhaj.ul.hassan shaheed, he was passed ISSB in 2005 and he got selected as a flying officer to serve the nation. The period of 2005 to 2007 was very hard for him but the shining future was waiting of him. He got commission in 121 GD (P) and the year 2008 in which his dreams become true.

He was very graceful personality; he was smooth nature and friendly behavior. In other words we can say that he was multi talented person.

Finally, 4 Dec in 2009 when he gone masjid along with his father (Lt/Col Fakhar-ul-Hassan ) and younger brother (saad.ul.hassan) for jummah prayer in parade lane masjid Rawalpindi. His mother was making meal for family but she was not aware that his sons and husband not come alive. In masjid due to firing of evil persons many people had martyr and injured and there minhaj his father and brother also martyr. Minhaj had try to save the people from terrorist and he was run to snatch the gun from terrorist but another shoot in his stomach. Before martyr he told whole situation of doctors that are occur in masjid then he embraced martyr.

Allah increase his (his father and younger brother)ranks  in heaven.