Today a helicopter of Pakistan Army crashed in Mohar Lassan area in Mansehra District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.

Initially the DPO Mansehra confirmed 9 confirmed deaths.

The helicopter was a Mi17 of Pak Army Aviation and it was on way from Rawalpindi to Chitral.

The helicopter was carrying doctors in it, pulmonologist, and was on a rescue mission while it hit the field in a hilly region in Mansehra, probably after a violent tailspin.

Major Humayon Tipu and Major Muzammil were the pilots for the heli.

Doctors in the heli included were Major Doctor Shehzad, Major Doctor Usman Ullah (Pulmonologist), Captain Doctor Atif.

Pak Army Doctors Shaheed in Helicopter Crash – 5 August 2015

Nursing staff in the heli was Amanullah.
Heli also had Havaldar Munir Abbas, Havaldar Asif, Lance Naik Maqbool, Lance Naik Amir Saeed, Sepoy Waqar, Sepoy Rehmatullah on board.

The crashed heli bursted into flames and the bodies were left unidentifiable.

Here’s another picture of shaheed army doctors in plane crash.

Pak Army Doctors Shaheed in Helicopter Crash – 5 August 2015

Please pray for the shaheed doctors of Pakistan Army Medical Corps who sacrificed their lives while trying to save the lives of soldiers.