Captain Waqas Zameer Shaheed

Captain Waqas Zameer Shaheed was very humble and smiling Officer. He was ideal officer in PMA and lovely son, caring brother. He gives his life for beloved motherland peace.

28th July at night, Army called him for kanju post and at that time he was going back home after successful stay at swat for 15 FF. After that night an operation was planned to search and cordon 5 to 10 Miscreants. LT Mohsin (his junior) said that “sir u has so tired, u takes rest and I go there at your place” but Captain refused his offer.

Before started the operation he offered prayer and recited “Surah Kausar” and motivated the soldiers. He was commander and leading 3 APC with infantry troops of 6 AK. During operation the miscreants fires RPG at Waqar but fires was missed and Waqas shot that person who fired. Fires are coming from all sides and the wrong information was about 5 to 10 miscreants, which turned out to be above 100.

One night some soldiers were injured and Captain Waqas use his tactics of fighting and started to save the injured soldiers. He saved 14 injured soldiers, that time one of six AK got shot, Captain said that every person should on his place and he jumped on his APC and picked the injured on his shoulders and going toward the APC, when militants fire hit on his chest and he say “ Allah.u.Akbar” and fell on ground. But the last ordered was that “injured soldiers should be saved” and due to severely bleeding he embraced martyrdom.

May Allah increase his rank in Jannah.