Karnal Sher Khan Shaheed

Karnal Sher khan shaheed was a Pakistani Officer who received the highest military award on his bravery. He was smiling officer and very popular in colleagues and officers and people said him shera mean lion.

He was born on 1 January 1970 in Naway kiley (Shewa Adda), a village which is located in Swabi District of KPK. His name “Karnal Sher” was suggested his grandfather after birth and his wish that his grandson make an army officer. He was youngest in brothers and sisters, when he was eight years, his mother died and his aunts took look after him. His family is deeply religious family and they said that Sher khan was a picture of goodness and Islamic teaching.

After completion the intermediate he joined pak air force as an airman. In primary flying training wing Risalpur he was appointed as an electric fitter after completion of training. During these years he was also applied as a commissioned officer in pak army. In November 1992 he joined PMA kakul and did graduate in 90th long course in 1994.

In 27th Sindh regiment he was firstly posted. In 1998 he volunteered gone in LoC (line of control) Kashmir to serve. In Kargal conflict his performance was very good and he was very brave officer. During war when Indian army easily see his movement on post and attacked on it, then Karnal Sher khan said his companions that they go from this post and they also attack on this post for divert the enemies attack, so during these attacks he received martyrdom but Indian army was very surprised that how it’s possible that Karnal Sher khan also attack on his post from his companions side but Karnal Sher done this for the safety of country.

He embraced martyrdom at 5 July 1999. He was at captain rank. He received “Nishan.e.haider” on his bravery in Kargal war.

May Allah increase his rank in Jannah.