Pak Army chief General Raheel Sharif

General Raheel Sharif is the 15th chief of the Pak army staff. He is a four star rank of army general. He joined chief post since 15 November 2013.

He was born 16 June 1956 in Quetta and belongs to the noble raj put family. His background is completely military e.g. his late father (Major Muhammad rana Sharif) and elder brothers (major rana shabbier Sharif and captain mumtaz Sharif).Major Aziz bhatti was the uncle of him from mother side and his family received two highest military award Nishan.e.haider.

After graduation he was commissioned in 6th battalions Frontier force regiment. He receives two awards like Nishan.e.Imtiaz (military) and Hilal.e.Imtiaz. He’ll retire from chief post on November 2016.

General Raheel played an important role to removing the terrorist from Pakistan. He further changed army focus in the direction of carrying out counter- Insurgency operation in opposition to Taliban militants and he want to deal all types threats step by step internally and externally from Pakistan.